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The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart

And then I thought…

I have found that I have a problem with fugitive information. This is information  I know I have but can’t find or remember. This is in regard to the use of Word (my version is 2007) Readability Statistics     This sounds like the kind of thing that should be forgotten. Not true. In a concise drop down menu valuable information is provided for almost anyone that communicates using words. It provides counts for: words, characters,  sentences, and paragraphs. It also provides averages for: words per sentence, per paragraph, and characters per word. additionally it counts percentage of passive sentences, the ease of reading and reading grade level. All valuable tools for anyone who communicates. Feel free to copy and paste it someplace where you can find the fugitive. Here how to get to this menu: This answer is involved, but if you follow these steps it should work. Pick a document you wish to analyze. Choose the complete document          (CTRL+A) on the menu bar choose Review on the left is a block title Proofing in that block there is an icon for Set Language         click a menu will appear… Uncheck the blocks labeled Do not check spelling or grammar Detect language automatically It is imperative to do the above steps first Next, on the Office Button (upper left hand corner)             click a menu will appear on the bottom of the menu choose: Word Options                                    click a new menu will appear on the left margin choose Proofing check the blocks for: Show readability statistics Check grammar with spelling click on OK   Statistics will now be enabled. Usually after the spell check is completed the readability statistics will come up automatically. If they don’t and the message appears which states Check Rest of Document? Click yes. That should provide the information that you need.

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I love quotes

I enjoy finding a quote that speaks to me. Any thoughts about this one?

The only limit to your creativity is hesitation.

Geoff Robinson


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How important is your Cell Phone?

You do not have to understand the language to understand the message.

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ImageI’m a believer in contests, and not because I win now and then.Writing is a learned skill. Story telling is a part of all of us. By entering lots of contests we learn about the skills required to become a better writer. The water may be cold at first, but we need to feel it, to realize our potential.

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• “The day will…

• “The day will come when the man at the telephone will be able to see the distant person to whom he is speaking” (c.1906) Alexander Graham Bell

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