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Publishing Perspectives

presented by Sam Shinta

Fulcrum Publishing

35 years in business

This presentation was made at the Native American Museum in Bensenville Arkansas 6.16.2018

Publishers look at the world differently.

Worldwide between 2016 and 2017

Sales increased by 3%

Children’s books decreased by 2%

Paperbacks decreased by .2%

Downloaded audiotapes increased by 30%

E-book sales decreased by 5%

The number of readers in the United States remained about the same

Amazon accounts for 32% of book sales

Fiction sales increased 5%

Poetry sales are increasing

Social awareness sales are increasing


To sell books look at trends

Stay in your environment       (genre)

a publisher will not handle all of your publicity… It’s about a 50-50 split

The money is not in publishing at this time, share resources

From a publishers’ perspective, if the book sells 500 copies in its lifetime, it’s a success

Write because you must do it

Target your area of publishing

Read the publishers requirements and guidelines

Understand their policies

Have a platform

Know your market

The market for the audio is booming… But difficult to get into because of the cost

The person reading your work needs to be paid too is a big player in this game

Graphic novels are booming… Amazon is getting into the game designing and printing them

Include minorities in the graphic novels        (comic books)