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Book 1 of The Thinking Rocks Series TTR
In the tradition of Clan of the Cave Bear, follow people no different than you and I through the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas 13,000 years ago. Join a small group of Paleo-Americans: a hunter, his crippled brother, a slave girl, a boy, and a Dire Wolf puppy. Learn to evade a vicious band of slavers on ancient rivers and bayous. Experience a mammoth hunt where the hunters only weapons are spears. Help fight off a saber tooth cat, huge alligator turtles, gar’s ten feet long, cave bear, giant sloth, and lots of snakes. Learn woodcraft from ancient times, experience the power of a shaman and campfire rituals. The story encompasses; lost love, young love, learning how to learn, weapons development, and moral values. Hear and feel the echo of times long past. Discover how the past affects who we are. If you like action, humor, love, drama, revenge, and an occasional tear, you deserve a trip to The Thinking Rocks.

Reviews by readers

This book left me craving more. I hope he writes a sequel someday. I will keep looking for one.

I read it straight through in one evening. I would recommend it to anyone old enough not to have nightmares after reading it.

One of the best books I have read in a long time. It had a lot of adventure and excitement and danger. I really hope there will be a book two.

I liked this story a lot. There is a ton of action, some romance, and humor, and it made me wonder how prehistoric humans really did interact. It’s a fast read and makes you want more. I met the author while visiting family in Arkansas, and he’s very genuine. This is his first book and I’m looking forward to reading the others. I recommend!

I really liked this book. It gave a good view of what prehistoric life might have been like without going overboard. I’m waiting for the next book.

This book left me craving more. I hope he writes a sequel someday. I will keep looking for one.

It was a book that made me laugh on one page and cry on the next. It was action, adventure, and a little young love, just for the fun of it. But nothing too explicit.

Well written and very descriptive. Those snakes scared the heck out of me. Brrr!!! The other animals were no walk in the park either.

I loved this book! It was clever, fun to read, and a great story. I’m looking for the sequel now, really didn’t want the story to end! Mr. Butkus had a style all to himself, and its a refreshing change. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in prehistoric writing, or just a fun easy story. He explains things we just take for granted. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did.

This was a really good read. Well written and I felt as if I was there. I hope there is a sequel I can purchase, if not I will be very disappointed.

Great book must read very captivating I will read again and again.

Will buy more books from this author. Love it.

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Book 2 of The Thinking Rocks Series
Join a prehistoric quest for three treasures, one from the sky, another from the waters, and one from the land. Experience: a search for love and understanding, theft, murder, betrayal, abduction, and new weapons. Confront: wild boar, giant beavers, saber-tooth cats, alligators, snakes beyond number, river sharks, cave lion. But all pale, in the shadow of the most fearless and vindictive mammal ever to roam two continents. The short-faced bear, taller than two men, with an arm span as great as its height.

Cano, Dola, and Whiteface the Dire Wolf are joined by the beautiful Delsea, on an adventure on the Mother River. They search perilous rivers, across seemingly placid bayous, and venture into forests where life is cheap and competition fierce.

Meet a legendary entity, Cerise, from the Clan of the Mist.

The Quest affects them all, and none more than Delsea, who finds this quest is more than a journey.

Boeing B-47B rocket-assisted take off on April 15, 1954. (U.S. Air Force photo)

Professionally edited for line and content

Life is a serious game and all of us begin as amateurs.

Join a young man who finds Air Force life a blend of Catch-22, Full Metal Jacket, with a touch of Biloxi Blues. When he finds the civilian value system no longer valid, the military forces a substitute system upon him which provides security, IF the rules are followed. The stark reality of the military environment and its philosophy provides a unique wake-up call for all who enter. In-Processing and Basic Training provide his first glimpses of what lay ahead.

Journey with him across the bayous of Louisiana to the jungles of Southeast Asia, by way of Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand. As he learns the rules of life, he also learns which rules can be bent. Humor and the military are often woven from the same cloth, but with different needles. Join him in adventures as bold as life itself. Learn as he does about; aircraft, weapons, photography, girls, and last but not least a personal confrontation with death.

Reviews by readers

What a wonderful read. I enjoyed the Anonymous Airman! My husband is reading it now. Thank you, for the smiles, for the gosh gasps, feel your heart. Good job.

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Book 1 of the Viator series
The lad was born of a woman but nourished by the blood of a legend. At the Monastery of the Singing Dragon, he is given the Latin name for traveler: Viator. Blissful years of learning are shattered when a vindictive beauty forces Viator to acknowledge his ancestry and probe his destiny. When the love of his life is forced from his arms he battles his way from the bloody banks of the Seine River in Paris, across the storm-tossed Atlantic, to the Bowery in New York. Here a Hot Corn Girl introduces him to the evils of crime. When Fate points her fickle finger again, he escapes to Chicago and into a career as a fearsome night vigilante. He is the scourge of liars, thieves, drug dealers, and child pornographers. Nevertheless, he may be mankind’s future. Journey with him across angry seas as he confronts the future, searching the ages for lost love and understanding. Book one of the Viator Series.

Reviews by readers

Great characters! I couldn’t put it down! Keep writing books like this. Can’t wait to read your next one! Good job!

I hate you, My vacation was ruined. I couldn’t put the book down, and I don’t read this kind of book.

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viators-rescue-fiverr Book 2 of the Viator series
Recipe for a thriller: Begin with someone who’s more than a lonely man searching for lost love. Add a league of killers, include drug dealers, a scam artist seeking revenge, and a dash of organized crime, and then blend in a band of terrorists. Sprinkle with revenge and lust. Season mixture from a coal mine in Wisconsin, insert Chicago, and a dash of the Ozarks. Stir in gambling, a street gang, a red Dodge Viper, an inept terrorist, and a southern gal looking for a way out of a small town. Combine with a Hematologist, a baby girl, and her boyfriend federal cop. Shake over two Rottweilers, and add in a lust for survival. With care, blend in a beautiful woman more deadly than a wounded jungle cat and a crime syndicate meatpacking plant. Let the mixture ferment with research for a cure for leukemia and AIDS. Thriller is best served cold, at night when you’re alone.

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Wind DanceAward-winning short stories and poetry for people that usually don’t like award-winning stories and poetry. A mixture of humor, adventure, dog stories, self-awareness, and a few OMG did this really happens. If you would like a quick peek at the lust and lore of cameras, guns, love, death, and military life viewed from the inside, these are worth your time. Visit the Bayous of Luzzyanna, a cab ride in New Zealand, A stormy landing in Pago Pago, and some skinny dipping down south with a surprise ending. Meet an unexpected visitor in the jungles of the Mato Grosso. Try a poem or two and the smiles and understanding they foster. Join me for a memorable interlude.

Reviews by readers

I was quite excited to see a book compiled of this author’s poetry. As always, he exceeds all expectations and stirs the depths of the heart.

I really liked this book! Heartwarming and I was sorry when I got to the end. It should have been longer!! Write another like this one!

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